Lawless Vomit Crew – Recording Session

Quoted from Thanks, fellas!:

The Lawless Vomit Crew in essence is a tribute to all the good times they had, still having and will have in the future. They then created a soundtrack free to download and post it up on their website and the song quickly gained notoriety. This punk infused, balls to the walls song, which surpassed the 25k downloads since a while ago, is made, played, and recorded by their own pop-up punk band and is sure to play on the background of every booze induced, alcohol binge, adventure that this crew is going to have. Who else can say that their brand have its own soundtrack, a damn good one too, and played it themselves?

Arian13 – vocals.

Sammy Bramantyo and Yusuf Abdul Jamil – guitars, backing vocals.

Roni Pramaditia – bass, backing vocals.

Gofar Hilman – drums.

Download the song for free at

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