Trailer film skateboard yang sangat keren. As quoted from their Youtube video:

“Earlier this year Titus Dresden teamriders Tom Kleinschmidt and Richard Naumertat, analog photographer and HUF teamrider Erik Groß, Thomas Meinel, David Raderecht, Christian Döbrich and Octavio Trindade, Team Titus pro rider Vladik Scholz and Julius Dittmann made their way to Bali for Sebastian Linda’s new video project “The Journey of the Beasts”. 

“The Journey of the Beasts” is the follower of his phenomenal and successful web video „The Revenge of the Beasts” and connects directly to it. The team gave their best and worked three weeks in total, fighting pacific heat, lack of sleep and the roughness of Bali’s exotic spots. But now the effort combined with sweat and grazes finally pays off and can be presented to the world in the form of beautiful and impressive pictures. 

The Video will show you Bali from a perspective you have never seen before. Thanks to the unique style of Sebastian Linda’s filmmaking, “The Journey of the Beasts” will be a milestone in the history of online films.”

Video lengkapnya juga sudah diupload di Youtube. Silakan cari untuk menontonnya.

Kurator Frideo untuk minggu ini adalah Sam Bram.

FRIDEO atau Friday Video merekomendasikan video-video random tentang apa saja; musik, motor, tattoo, kustom kulture, humor, trend, atau apa saja; yang akan ada setiap hari Jumat di website ini. Sampai minggu depan!


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