Hasbi – Bass
Miko – Vocal
Dika – Guitar
Dicky – Drums

A four-piece noisy group from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The collective was formed in 2005 by its former guitar player, Angga, and vocalist, Miko. They both intended to form a band which played enigmatic and loud sounds.

The first line-up consisted of Angga on guitar, Miko on microphone, Joko on guitar, Boby on Drums and Samsu on bass guitar. In the following year, Joko moved from the town to continue his study. Billy (Pitfall Conspiracy, Authority) was chosen to replace the position.

In circa 2008, Billy quit playing guitar in the band and The remained members decided to ask Dika (Tragedi, Megamaut) to join the gang. Later on, right before their first EP titled Konsorsium Humaniora was about to be recorded, Angga resigned from the band.
In the very late of 2010, Boby left the band and after some trials on drums, Diky (Caress) was finally chosen to accompany Miko, Dika, Samsu completing the band’s latest line-up.

The band’s recent sound is mostly influenced by the firm tunes of punk, hardcore and heavy metal along with their sub-genres. Except, instead of playing them in a firm way, the band tends to crook and play them in a raw way.

The band does not believe in established ways of expressing passion. Instead, they always try to cheat Wikipedia-oriented explanations of genres and jargon by playing recklessly.

The band is a bunch of Crass, Napalm Death and Repulsion’s worshipers.


Record labels: Lawless Jakarta Records, Sepsis Records.

Influences: Neurosis, Converge, Shai Hulud, Meshuggah, Slayer, Earth, Spazz, Botch, Refused, Sleep, Homicide, Seringai, Cave In, Sonic Youth, At The Drive In, Nails, The Mars Volta, Feist, The Dillinger Escape Plan, et cetera.


– Self Titled 7″ EP
– In The Name Of Forgiveness, I’ll Be Leaving This Secret With You (Pitfall Conspiracy Cover)
– Alice / Wicked Suffer (Split Tape)
– Partisan Ordo Puritan (Single)
– Konsorsium Humaniora



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