Sekepal Aspal Indonesia – Motoart Exhibition 2014 Invitation Video

Video credits: Shot and edited by Ilham Nuriadi and Forstand Projekt.

Graphics by “Acan” Rafsan Yuono.

Motorcycles: Lawless Jakarta, SSMC, and Thrive MC.

Music: “Detourn” performed by The SIGIT; courtesy of FFWD Records, Bandung, Indonesia.

After about one and a half year of absence, we are proud to announce that we are ready to rock ‘n roll again for the second time. Lawless Jakarta and Saint & Sinners Motorclothes are joining forces once again with Biko Group appointing Beergarden Menteng as this year’s venue. Sekepal Aspal Indonesia – Motoart Exhibition is all about kustom kulture. A culture that we all are passionate in, a culture that we want to keep as fun as we can, with an event that is full of friends, throttle-twisting, beer, good music, good times, and a dose of education on the side. Sekepal Aspal Indonesia – Motoart Exhibition is an event that Jakarta has been longing for. An antithesis of most motorcycle events that we knew all these times. Curated, cool, crazy, confident, yet classy.

Lawless Jakarta, Saint & Sinners Motorclothes, and BeerGarden presents: SEKEPAL ASPAL INDONESIA – Motoart Exhibition Sunday, August 24th, 2014, at BeerGarden Menteng, jl. K. H.Wahid Hasyim no. 108, Jakarta. Doors open at 4 PM.

Exhibiting Bikes By: Uton Galgari – White Collar Bike – Kickass Choppers – Pickers Store – Flying Piston Garage – Six Volt Kustom – Sweng Skoy – Seger Waras – Brodonolo Garage Exhibiting Artwork By: “Acan” Rafsan Yuono – Irvine – Lambang – MasBayas – Boyan – Thrive MC – Ones – Wev2K – Nara Pratama – Rio Bronx – Kallos Hand Lettering – Unionwell

Accoustic Performance By: The Riot Cub and Kick Your Motor Noise

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Supported By: Telkomsel – Troupe Industry – Altos Company – Jagermeister – Motor Plus – Flash Rabbit Motorcycles – DNMT Bali – Seger Waras – Sweng Skoy – Forstand Projekt – Naskleeng 13 – Penny Jakarta – Unionwell. #SekepalAspal14 #saime14 #sekepalaspal

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