Why Michael Jackson (RIP) Didn’t Get Whitened By A Tattoo Machine?

First, because he didn’t like pain, I’m sure, if it wasn’t painful he’d choose the tattoo solution rather than using an incredible range of chemical skin bleacher. Unfortunately, tattoo inks don’t have this magical faculty, the dream of all tattoo artist for sure.

More seriously, the skin is composed by three different layers, and the tattoo ink remains at the junction of the first (epidermal) and the second layer (dermal). So when the tattoo just got done, the ink pops up at the surface. But when the skin gets back to its original thickness after several weeks of healing process, this layer works like a filter and it’s in this filter that resides the skin color (melanine). So if the skin tone is darker then the ink pigment will look darker and includes some nuances of brown (depends on the skin type of course). White skins are the luckiest in terms of color possibilities, and that gives them the arrogance of showing off their bright colors on the nose of all Indonesian dark-skinned tattoo maniacs.

Blocking and shading colors are not an easy task at all, but even more difficult with dark skin. This obliged to elaborate color tattoos with a different approach to avoid doing always the same range mix of colors. This demands a bit more work and knowledge using the proper colors for dark skin. We can still obtain beautiful tattoos, no worries. If the ink is placed too deeply, its intensity will decrease and if placed too much on surface it will disappear. So for the indonesian dark-skinned tattoo lovers, don’t be too jealous of white types. It’s still possible for you to get some beautifull tattoo masterpieces. “Bule” got the same jealousy towards African, but for different reasons. There is sometimes balance in this world.

Chiwawa Headhunter


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