Kylesa. The heavy metal band from Savannah, Georgia, rocked the house in Jakarta, Indonesia.

When I arrived at the venue the band was still on the way from Bandung. They had a show there the day before and were racing with time to catch the Jakarta show. The Jakarta show was scheduled at 4 PM and it was already 3 PM. Luckilly, not long after, the band showed up and headed straight to the stage to do a short soundcheck. I had to take a piss inside, the toilet was at the stage area, and the door guy let me in, so I heard the soundcheck which sounded pretty good. Rossi Musik, the venue, had never have any shows in their parking lot. This was the first time. The permit from neighbours and the Police was only until 6 PM. They nailed it without any problems, so we could expect future shows there, I guess.


Kylesa started playing at around 4.30 PM. With minimum lighting, stage props, equipments, etc, they still kicked ass nonetheless. I can really feel their power and aggressivity on stage. Kylesa was probably the first band with that kind of music that played in Jakarta. The bands before were mostly playing death metal, thrash, or hardcore. Not much for me to say about Kylesa’s awesome performance except they made me go home happy with a sore neck. Let these photos speak for themselves:







Kylesa Live In Jakarta was brought to you by Maternal, Grieve Records, Heretostay, and Lawless Tattoo Jakarta.

Lawless_Kylesa_BottomWith Phillip Cope.
Sam Bram.


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