What looks cool now can look lame in 10 years. So better choose a design with a personal meaning or a profound artistic taste. Some styles are not meant for everybody. Some women will look like a trucker with an eagle. A bit of education about tattoo culture seems to be the best to get the proper tattoo style selection. Many of our star topic of the day, “lets get a trendy tattoo!!”

First of all, this lawless tattoo blog are written by different persons, and we don’t always have the same vision of this profession (not mentioning the basics of course). So I’m completely subjective and arrogant, but I’ll try to give the most objective and reliable information I can.

“Lets get a trendy tattoo!”. So you’re guessing where I’m going and you re right. The influence of TV gave a fantastic exposure on tattooing, for some people who saw it as a “preman” culture. In the past, they got the chance to realize that some put a lot of art and meaning in it. The consequences of the industry are tremendous. Every social level got his tattoo fan, collector and addicts. These are not just the consequences of TV. If it’s happened there it’s because it was already spreading, TV only accelerates the process. Some reluctant people find themselves as tattoo addicts at the end. I’m very glad of that. I remember a time when people staring at me every time I got topless on the beach (and I’m a guy), with a kind of taste judgment. Now it’s more like judging the quality of your artwork than your social status. In fact, nowadays, you’re more looking for the one who don’t have tattoo than the others. I certainly won’t complain about this, even though people still stares at me, it’s just because I got a lot and few good ones thankfully. But for sure you won’t have the same feeling if you’re beaching in Bali or Pangandaran. And then if you consider that slowly the image is getting better, a lot more dares to pass the gap (actually I’m paddling to get back to my original subject… whatever…).

The biggest influence to choose a design can be the TV and the fashion, as usual. I’ve really no problem with that. Mmm… What looks cool and so on. Yeah tattoo looks “cool” now! For me it’s just having very bad tattoo and taste. Better follow our own one. Tattoo is also about appropriating your own body, not somebody else’s. But everybody can wish to be somebody else too. We got all our own purpose in tattoos, all shall be respected. But never forget that it will stay on forever. Your body will reflect your history. I love that idea even though sometimes I’m a bit ashamed of it.


Tattoo in photo by Ferdy Inferno

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