This is the sequel. Check out my first post if you haven’t.

– Popularity. Often right , but better be advised by somebody who knows about tattoo and design and who wear some already from this artist if possible. I met many people who got crap ones because they get advised by a lovely friend who don’t fucking know about it, but just because he met this friendly tattoo artist in a bar.

– Drunk or stoned. Some artists got lots of inspiration at that moment, even almost genius for a minute, but a tattoo needs much time. So when the genius is gone the scab stays.

– Style. Some artists can play with all of them with great results but that’s quite rare, so be sure that the artist love the style you wanna get. He for sure will be more involved to accomplish the best work you deserved, understands your taste more, some details make the difference. It’s often a matter of art taste and education of each artist. You won’t ask a dangdut singer to play some deathmetal for your bachelor party. It can be funny, but this is not the point here.

It’s late and I’m tired. Just don’t forget, sometimes tattoo reflects how we treat ourselves. So be carefull, take your time, choose well. But everybody can make mistakes. I got some bad ones myself.


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