Pernah mendengar nama Stoya? Atau jangan-jangan kamu sudah sering menonton film-filmnya? Stoya adalah seorang adult performer, porn star if you will, yang sudah membintangi banyak sekali film-film yang sama sekali bukan konsumsi anak-anak di bawah umur. Dalam wawancara yang kami kutip seluruhnya dari website teman-teman kami di SUB ini, Stoya bercerita banyak tentang deskripsi dari profesi yang dijalankannya secara profesional ini.

Satu hal juga yang kami anggap sangat menarik adalah video yang diselipkan di tengah wawancara ini. Dalam video ini, seorang Clayton Cubitt melakukan sebuah rekaman eksperimen dimana dia mengundang beberapa orang, termasuk Stoya, untuk membaca sebuah buku. Tetapi selama membaca, perempuan-perempuan ini diberikan sensasi sex oral di bawah meja yang sepertinya sangat sulit untuk ditahan agar tidak mengganggu proses membacanya. Porno, erotis, sexy, jorok, lucu, pintar, atau bahkan jijik? Terserah kita masing-masing bagaimana mendefinisikannya. Seperti yang Stoya jabarkan di dalam wawancara berikut ini, sesuatu mungkin dianggap sexy oleh seseorang, tetapi juga bisa dianggap erotis untuk yang lainnya, dan juga bisa dianggap menjijikan untuk yang lainnya lagi. Bijaksanalah dalam menilai.

Wawancara berikut adalah dalam bahasa Inggris, as quoted from SUB. Click it to read other great stuffs from them.

Have you read Georges Bataille’s “Story of the Eye” or any Bataille’s books? It was published in 1928 and Bataille wanted to point out eroticism, voyeurism in a way when we’re totally unaware with what’s going on. Even Roland Barthes made an essay about “Story of the Eye” and stated that the eye in that series is interchangeable with eggs, and other ovular objects within the narrative. Barthes also found other metaphors within the text which leads into blood and semen. It’s like obviously there’s more than meets the eye. Eyes are the medium for anyone to digest their surroundings and feelings which will feed the needs of anything in body and soul. Hunger, compassion, lust, etc.

Then it reminds us of Chuck Palahniuk’s Snuff, a novel about pornography that was published in 2008. In fact he wrote, “British anthropologist Catherine Blackledge said, the human fetusbegins to masturbate in the womb a month before birth… The nasty little thing starts jerking off in the third trimester and never, ever stops. Can you believe we’ve done that before we were born and the fact that we knew about sex, though we didn’t even know what masturbation is. And now some of us see sex as a taboo issue. But clearly, we know that without it, none of us would have been born. That’s sick and it’s pretty relatable to the issue: porn. So, we’d like to ask you this question: do you watch porn? Be honest, because we got a catch.

Sub-Cult got a chance to interview Stoya by email. Yes, she’s a porn star but she’d like to define her preferred job description as an adult performer. She’s so bold, physically and personally. She has one crazy body, very athletic with six-pack and totally toned. Probably that came from her Lyra/aerial ring exercise that takes a lot of acrobatic moves. She also writes. Go on search her on Google, and read her articles. But due the huge time zone difference and how busy she is, we only got her answer several questions.


Photos by Steve Prue

Hey Miss! How are you and your cats? Anyway, we’re so lucky to get this chance, to interview you. The huge time zone difference is nothing, thanks to the internet.
The cats are furry and adorable, as usual. I’m doing well too. Thank you for asking.

“As adult film star or porn star,” you get that opening line a lot. See, we wonder what the difference between these two words is actually: adult and porn. How did it become synonymous in the first place? Any thoughts?
In the past few years the word porn has been slapped onto all sorts of things that have nothing to do with sex (food porn, shoe porn, gun porn). “Porn star” is regularly applied to anyone who has appeared naked in front of a camera. Adult, within the context of American culture, implies that the material in question is not for children and is reserved for people over the age of 18.

Aside from cigarettes, gambling, alcohol, sexually explicit media, and sex toys, I can’t think of anything else legally reserved for adults in the US. Therefore “adult” and “pornographic” can mostly be used interchangeably. There are slight nuances of difference though. For instance, the word porn also frequently tends to carry connotations of disposability or artlessness, which I think would be very insulting to apply to something like Clayton Cubitt’s Hysterical Literature project or Steven Klein’s photographs of me for Richardson Magazine. Therefore those works are “adult.”

So, how do you define yourself, professionally?
Adult performer is my preferred job description. I feel it most accurately describes what I do. I’m not an actress, I’m not quite egotistical enough to call myself a star, and while the vast majority of my work is sexual in nature not all of it is exactly pornographic. I’m a performer who specializes in work that is not meant for children.


Photos by Steve Prue

What exactly does a porn star has in his/her agenda? You’re so busy and then there are some shows all over the world where you meet some fans, not that “fans”. Fans that show more respect and see you as a human being and casually talk about anything, not only what you do.
Schedules depend on the individual performer, and what kind of work they’re focusing on at the time. My calendar has a lot of deadlines for articles on it this month, but last month was mostly taken up by a convention and a few shoots.

So in the email we mentioned Clayton Cubitt and his Hysterical Literature. We’ve seen his works and POV very erotic. The project – the video gives some sorta tingling sensations, I personally laughed at it because it’s weird how people are actually multitasking. You know it takes a lot of concentration to read and Clayton decided to make it hysterical by adding a special treatment under the table. How do you see that – Hysterical Literature?
I see Hysterical Literature as a beautiful series of videos, and think the rest of it is for Clayton to explain or not explain as he pleases.

When you’re shooting a film, what do you feel? Do you wanna give the viewers a sexy film or an erotic one? Because when I watch your films; especially with James Deen, somehow it’s erotic. It’s sweet, but erotic. 
That varies depending on the scene. When I’m working with a director, they usually have a clear idea of what sort of energy they want in a scene. Sometimes, when the scene is part of a feature with a storyline, the characters and interactions between them requires a certain kind of performance.

Can you tell the difference between sexy and erotic?
That’s incredibly subjective. What is sexy to one person can be erotic to another and completely disgusting to a third.

Do you have upcoming project or project that you really want to do?
I’ve got projects I’m in the middle of and some stuff coming up, but I’m really hesitant to talk about things until they’re actually finished and have been released. I’m a little superstitious about the whole thing.


Photos from and Steve Prue

You seem like an avid reader. Can you tell us your favorite book or the book you’re currently reading – and why you like that book?
I just finished a book that I didn’t like at all, so I won’t mention the title. I’m about to start Jess Fink’s Chester 5000 XYV. I think I will like it because the artwork is pretty.

OK, last one. If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would it be?
I can’t. People don’t fit in neat little boxes. Especially three single-word boxes.

Thank you so much for your time. We hope we can see you in person! Good luck, Miss Stoya!

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Interview by Febrina Anindita


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