First let’s introduce ourselves. Lawless tattoo division is composed of 3 tattooists; Ferdy Inferno , Unbound and  Chiwawaheadhunter, plus the manager JPL and assistant Andre.

Here, we’re gonna talk about arts, hygiene, business, social , politics, customs, and so many things that are connected to this great culture we love so much. So stop the bla bla introduction and let’s start sharing.

Topic of the day… well… it’s difficult to start. Yeah I got it!! The big question is HOW TO CHOOSE A TATTOO ARTIST?  (good luck)

First of all:

  • Hygiene. Never put your health at risk. And then? The price? No.
  • Skills. Choose the one who can deliver the proper image you’re looking for, but don’t forget that a tattooist is neither a wizard nor a photoshop software. But I can admit sometimes that some artist are a mix of both.
  • Price. Be careful, it’s not because a tattooist is expensive that means he’s good, or because he’s cheap that means his work is as bad (of course depends cheapy creapy). Often it’s connected, but it depends. Also how the professional is involved in his work. Have a chat with him and follow your intuition.

So for this 1st part of the post, if you wanna get infected for a very high price to get an ugly scab design, you know what you have to do. If in the future you complain about a bad experience in tattooing, don’t blame us because we can’t be responsible with all the bad guys around. This is not a brotherhood, I wish it is but it’s not, but we can listen, as brothers.


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