Can everybody wear a neck tattoo? My personal answer is no, and this is why.

I know it looks really cool, but do you want to look “cool” forever? Not sure about that. Have you ever thought that maybe you need to get a job some day? Many conservative people, local and abroad, who are able to hire you, will never think the same way you do and would not think that this is acceptable. That sucks but that’s reality. There are some stupid things you experience or do as a kid, which doesn’t count. But this? Yes it does, and most likely forever. If you get your hands tattooed, forearm, or neck, you’ll certainly cut yourself off from 80% of employment possibilities. You’re not going to look cool anymore if you have to beg for money.

In the past, most of the guys who got this kind of tattoo belonged to the tattoo, piercing, or music industry. These guys didn’t have to worry about applying for jobs, they were self-employed. At that time, most tattoo artists felt a form of responsibility towards their customers. They care about tattoo education. Most of them experienced what it was to live on the margin and knows the difficulties. Tattoo turned mainstream now and is much more oriented to fashion, consumption values, and business. Unfortunately many artists now think that it’s not their responsibility for what the client wants. So whatever the client asks, the client gets. That’s just bullshit!

When we were 18 years old, most of us didn’t have a clue of what’s gonna happen next to our lives. We just wanna have fun and shit. I covered my early tattoos because my artistic taste was still an embryo at that time and the result was really bad. Thankfully hand tattoo wasn’t trendy. I’d be very upset if I had to cover or having my hands lasered or some advanced shits like that. But that’s what really going on right now. The most visible tattoos are the trendiest ones.

It is a frenzy in the US, where the competition of extreme tattoo starts to rule. I feel sad when I see so many kids got facial or a full sleeve and neck tattoo.

Good luck with your life, man! I’m also angry towards the artists. Have more responsibilities and don’t ruin the life of some kid just because you wanna make some extra cash. And it’s probably only going to be good for your portofolio and your fuckin’ ego! If tattoo artists are giving more attention to educate their customers, they’ll be less of a victim in that matter.

Kids are kids. If you don’t do it, they won’t have it.

I probably sound like a preacher or just plain old school for some. But hey, whatever. Tattoo is a commitment to me, not just a fashion accessory or just a business. I feel concerned about its future consequences and I tend to educate my customers for their best interest. If they think I’m stupid by refusing their money for what they ask me to do, they can just fuck themselves!! If I don’t want to participate on their own disaster, it’s my own sense of love and respect towards them.

I am writing this to you who are considering of getting a neck or hand piece but haven’t been fully aware of the consequences that you might get in the future to give it a second thought. You can probably get it from some other artist if you still want it. Then again, it’s your life, your choice. Just make sure that your parents are filthy stinking rich and will have money for seven generations after them, and also make sure that you have a set of future wife candidates that are into those kind of shit before you do it.

By Chiwawa Headhunter of Lawless Tattoo.

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